Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Windows 9

We can't officially announce this as only microsoft can, buy it now looks likely windows 9 will be released in October this year, and most likely will be free update for windows 8 and windows 8.1 users or a small charge about £15-20. What we can say is the start menu is back and metro apps will be for tablets or touchscreen only.

Pretty much windows 9 will be the fix to windows 8 and 8.1 that desktop users are wanting.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Major Cyber attack due

Ok you might have heard on the new about this major cyber attack, what is happening is a gang have developed a virus and it has already gotten onto uncountable number of computer form home users through to business.

Q. What does this virus do?
A. Well to put it in simple terms it allows the gang to take control of your computer and getting any banking details of yours and then either demand a ransom to give them back (to which you have no guarantee they will delete them) or they will just use them to raid your bank of the money you have.

Q. What is happening to to stop this?
A. Obviously banks are aware of this and are monitoring for any unusual activity but they know they might not detect it as it depends how they do the attack.

Q. How is it getting onto my PC?
A. It is getting onto your computer via a few ways, the one most common is fake email, if you receive an email even from a friend or family member but it seems off and not like you are used to, close the email do not touch anything within the email even with the mouse cursor, then compose a new email do not reply to that one, and ask your friend of family member if they sent it to you. If you touch any link or even images inside the email your chance of if it is the virus getting on are high.

Q. I have antivirus software does this mean i am safe?
A. No this means you're more likely to be safe but ti does not mean you are safe. You have to make sure you update it daily and run scans daily to limit your chances.

Q. What can i do?
A. The best advice we can off is to do a few checks to see how likely you system is infected, press the Windows Key + R, a box will appear type in it c:\ProgramData and press ok, in there is you see folders named conduit, speedypc, pc optimiser pro, also check c:\Program Files and c:\Program Files (x86) as well as, %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming. If you see any of these programs then your system is already infected with spyware which means the chance of being infected with the virus are higher.

Run a anti virus scan with the highest level of scanning after updating it, if you are unsure take it to local pc shop or you can contact ourself on and we can look at it remotely for you and advise the best way forward for you.

Q. If i protect my system and make sure it is clean will i be safe?
A. You will be more likely to be safe and less likely you will fall victim of this attack but this does nto guarantee this.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Death Of Windows XP is close!!!!!

For all users and business who still are using Windows XP we highly recommend you upgrade to at least Windows 7 or above. Windows XP is officially put to the grave by microsoft on the 8th April 2014 ie about 30 days from now, this has been a long time coming but it finally going to happen. We only moved to Windows 7 from beginning of 2013 as Windows 7 had become extremely stable as is the true successor of XP.

So how does this affect me? Well if you are still running XP and you have antivirus software and firewall it will give you protection for a few months, however since microsoft will no longer issue any form of updates including critical security ones then hackers can easily break into your system using the backdoors loopholes they find in XP.

Why is microsoft not going to provide any more updates? Windows XP from alpha days when it was called "Whistler" and has been in existence since 2001, the reason it has survived this long is because of Windows Vista, Microsoft made seriously mistakes with Vista which meant it did not get released until 2007 so by that time companies were well established with XP and the market was driven to supplying software and hardware mainly to XP, and because of the bad reputation of Vista, Microsoft could not convince people to upgrade. However Windows 7 has fixed that problem so companies are now upgrading, some at the last minute.

I have a program that only runs on Windows XP what shall i do? If you have a program that only runs on Windows XP you have two problems here, first is that you will need to continue using XP to use it, the easy way around this is to make sure the computer is not connected to your network or internet then you will be safe to use XP, it only a problem if it got a connection which can be bluetooth, wireless, cable anything just make sure it a PC that sits there doing only one job. The second problem you have is that software if not available in later version for newer windows once you hardware fails you will not be able to get new hardware that will run Windows XP so we advise to look for alternatives or to get a newer version of the software.

How much will it cost me to upgrade then? This is dependent on a number of factors, firstly not all XP machines will be upgradable to Windows 7 or above, so you might need new hardware as well as Windows 7 or above, secondly it depends on what you require the computer to do which version of windows 7 is best for you.

Our company can supply computers, parts and software throughout the UK however only local clients will be able to take the benefit of a local call out, through our supplier we are able to offer refurb PC's which are generally about 3 years old and come with Windows 7 Pro from about £140-£300 depending on what you require, if we are to build a similar system to these it would cost about £350-£500 for the same specifications but if you require just basic Windows 7 it is about £95 for the software to do the upgrade, again this all depends on your requirement but we can let you know what is best for you

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

CSS ID and Class selector HTML5

When developing html with css you have the option of to use ID or Class to put the selected css onto the html code.

However if you want to have your html pass the validation test and you wish to use the same css rules on more than one html element you have to use class.

For example

<td id="test"><td>
<td id="test"><td>
<td id="test"><td>
<td id="test"><td>

this will throw up a duplication error on the html validator


if we do the following

<td class="test"><td>
<td class="test"><td>
<td class="test"><td>
<td class="test"><td>

It passes the validator with flying colours and still has the same desired effect.

If you plan to use a different scheme on the same html code the css code does have to change to accommodate that, we will cover this in future blog post.

If you would like examples please comment below we are more than happy to provide examples.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Virus new URL

This site is a fraud, they are using exploits in the browsers to make it popup and say there is a problem.

When you go to this page it will get you to download th browser.


close the page right away, even if you close the popup it forces you to the page

Friday, 1 November 2013

Warning fraud site

This site is a fraud, they are using exploits in the browsers to make it popup and say there is a problem.

When you go to this page it will get you to download th browser.


close the page right away, even if you close the popup it forces you to the page

Friday, 11 October 2013

Cyber Fraud Warning!!!

This is a warning to all UK residents that there is currently a company and calling with the number 01935823128.

They will cold call you and claim to be there to help with a problem with a undetectable virus, then will get you to go to run and then type in eventvwr.msc and get to you click on windows logs and then application and system, there they will ask you to see if is any red circles or yellow triangles, they will say this means you have undetectable viruses.

They will then get you to go to run and type iexplorer, they then will get you to download this legal remote control software and install it.

Once you have installed it they will remotely connect to your computer claiming to try fix the problem, they are in fact after your personal details and any banking or credit card information.

we have reported this to the police fraud department as this is fraud. We can tell you yes there is red circles and yellow triangles but this is normal windows make itself have errors every day just by doing something it was not suppose to, this is how blue screens can occur because windows does something it should not.

We recommended sharing this out to all your friends so anyone getting a call form the above number will know it is a scam and just tell them you are reporting them to the police, they will get very aggressive with you like they did with us at which point you hang up.